SOULS is famous for its social calendar. We know that law school can be tough – and we are firm believers in the unofficial Otago motto ‘work hard play hard’. To this end, SOULS works tirelessly to ensure that you have some of the best times of your law degree at our social events.

Our events are many and varied, and almost always sell out. Keep an eye on the SOULS Facebook page for info, and check out the calendar on the homepage of this site for dates.


Law Ball

The Law Ball is the highlight of the social calendar not only for law students, but for all Otago students. Get dressed up and let your hair down for a night of glamour, dancing and fun.


Wine & Cheese

Wine and Cheese is the classiest of all SOULS events. It’s a chance to meet new people, drink wine and eat cheese, and embarrass yourself in front of the lecturers that also come along.


Law Camp

Law Camp takes place at the start of second year. It is a weekend full of socialising and fun, and is where you’ll form bonds with your classmates that last for the rest of your degree, if not your life.


Finalists Dinner

Every year, SOULS throws a finalists dinner to celebrate finishing your law degree. This is always a fun night, and with plenty of lecturers in attendance, is a chance to reflect on your time at law school.


Cocktail Night

Cocktail night is yet another chance to meet new people, and have fun with friends (and cheap cocktails).

T-Shirt Party

T-shirt party is wild. Purchase a SOULS T-shirt to gain entrance, and then have fun with the vivid markers that someone accidentally left lying around!

Law Stein(s)

SOULS throws several steins (parties) throughout the year. Some are in collaboration with other student associations (such as Medicine and Commerce) – but all are a guaranteed good time.

No Exams Party

Owing to the way second year law is run at Otago, there are no second year exams at the end of semester one. To celebrate, SOULS throws a party each year!

Mystery Bus Tour

The dark horse of social events, the mystery bus tour is often many people’s favourite event of the year. Buy a ticket, hop on the bus, and see where it takes you.

Quiz Night

SOULS runs a very popular quiz night, so that you can show off your knowledge of obscure and unnecessary facts, and maybe even learn something new.